This stuff is free of charge, but you are kindly asked to donate for a globally acting NGO of your choice if you decide to use them.
I recommend Amnesty international, Medicins Sans Frontieres and Greenpeace.

We're under construction. For the time being, there's only this:

Vintage drawbar organ emulator. Features three  "keyboard" channels, a versatile distortion effect and a rotating speaker emulation.

Here's a demo song (mp3 588KB).

Do you remember this certain song with a similar name? Download this, try "The G minor chord" and shine on!

You might even want to pick your guitar and pluck in some solo (you know, strat-like guitar, upper pickup, heavy compression - that's the sound).

Someone who had downloaded my plugins wrote in a web forum:
"Did I mention I want world peace too?"
It's good to see that at least the message did come through. However, good wishes are not enough. Not at all. The world we leave to our children looses brightness, variety and sanity every day. It's incredible what people do to each other day by day. It's unbearable that we seem to be unable to do anything against it.

Our world looses some one hundred species every week purely due to human interaction. Some of them have never even been discovered; still they are lost forever.
We are running unconducted global experiments with our biosphere. We cut the branch we sit on.

Making a change begins with ourselves, at home, with our family and our friends, in our everyday life. Some changes are easy, like buying the right products or saving energy. Some are much harder. To say no to the benefits of our civilization, who has the courage. The choice is yours. Ask your children, they might have an idea.

And money can help making a change. Many non government organizations have quite a high effectiveness - take part and give what you can spare. That's the hidden idea behind Rumpelrausch Tšips.

And, of course, it's great joy writing this stuff and receiving feedback about how people from all over the world can make use of it. As you see, I'm not entirely altruistic. To be precise, I prefer being an egoist. As such I plead for changes.